A Tragedy that Leaves Us All Without Words
Dady Chery

By Dady Chery
Haiti Chery

The news of Japan since the weekend have been surprisingly short on sympathetic words. Why? I am reminded of last Spring, when the focus was on the glossy British Petroleum graphics instead of the oiled sea turtles.  While our understanding of some catastrophes increasingly requires the appreciation of current technologies, this could never substitute for joining another’s grief.  So much is heard now about Japan, and too little about the Japanese, though a large number of people are grieving for their loved ones and facing the very real threat of high radiation exposures and the permanent loss of their homes and several cities.  In this context, the concern from some about the flow of radiation to the North-American west coast appears puerile at best.  Our Japanese brothers, sisters, and wildlife, you are in our hearts.  If no more can be said, this is because this tragedy leaves us without words.

A moving note of condolences to Japan from New Zealand is reproduced below.  The New Zealanders suffered an earthquake only a month ago.  They were helped by the Japanese and are now assisting the rescue efforts.

– Dady Chery, Editor
Haiti Chery

Parliament sends condolences to Japan

Parliament has passed a notice of condolence to Japan and its victims of the earthquake and tsunami.

John Key says the disasters are heartbreaking, coming so soon after our own tragedy. He vows to stand by the Japanese and help out however we can, just as they did for us.

MPs across all the parties have also expressed their condolences. Maori party co-leader Tariana Turia says the disaster has been part of our every waking thought, and in our hearts, our minds and our prayers.

She says there’s been one salutary lesson from the tragedy in Japan and that has been to highlight the significance and integrity of the decision of the Lange Government to make New Zealand nuclear-free.

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