Thailand: Floods Kill 437


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Prensa Latina

Bangkok  – The flood death toll in Thailand reached 437, according to the last reports of the authorities who are still with the emergency plans due to the risen water level in this capital.

Bangkok, a city with almost 12,000,000 inhabitants is flooded in 20 percent of its area, mainly those districts to the north, from which 50,000 people had been evacuated.

A patrol has been created as measure system to hunt crocodiles that have escaped from commercial entities in areas near the city.

The torrent of water coming from the central plateau to the north of the capital continues to decline slowly, so measures have been taken to alleviate the situation, according to a government spokesmen.

Either PM Yingluck Shinawatra or Sukhumband Paribatra, governor from Bangkok, had asked the people to be calm and work on containing the vulnerable center of the city.

Aslam Perwaiz, Managing Director of disasters, said

“the capital is threatened because the drainage channels are not good”

and added that 1,650 channels are flooded, and many of them, including 100 which were navigable since 1940, had been filled to build roads and buildings.

This situation brings new challenges, so it will take four more weeks of work to reduce the effects of the floods: the worst in the last 50 years in this nation with 66,000,000 inhabitants.


Source:  Prensa Latina



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