Dutch Brewer Heineken Swallows Up Haiti’s National Brewery


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Editorial comment.  Three months after the earthquake, the Vietnamese carried off Haiti’s national telephone company Teleco for a pittance. Now the Dutch are making off with the national brewery. But this is the culmination of a long process of ripping off Haiti while calling it “poor.”

Haiti’s national flour mill and state cement companies were forced to privatize in 1997 and then shut down. Soon the fact that we milled our own flour, made our own construction materials, and ran our own phone company and brewery will be forgotten, and more NGOs will flock into the country to teach us ignoramuses about the wheel.

If the disaster capitalists who are coming for the fire sales in the midst of infinite Haitian misery are despicable, the Haitian officials who make these deals for a cut of the transactions are far worse.

Forget the fixed elections, Clinton’s posturing, the swaggering of U.N. soldiers, and all the rest. If anyone still doubts Haiti’s loss of sovereignty, the fact that our country no longer makes its own beer ought to confirm it. I’m not sure whether the flag is designed first or the beer is brewed, but an unstated requirement for being a country is one or more national beers. We’ve got some serious fixing to do.

Dady Chery, Editor
Haiti Chery

Prestige: one of the world's finest beers, previously brewed by the Brasserie Nationale d'Haiti (SBPR)

Dutch brewer Heineken ups its stake to 95 percent in largest beer company in Haiti.

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Dutch brewer Heineken NV says it will increase its stake in the dominant beer company in Haiti to 95 percent.

Heineken says it already owned nearly 23 percent of Brasserie Nationale d’Haiti SA, known as Brana. The Dutch company says it sees room for growth in Haiti with the country’s increasing economic and political stability.

The deal is expected to be completed next month for undisclosed terms.

Spokesman John-Paul Schuirink said Thursday that Brana has 90 percent of Haiti’s beer market with its Prestige brand and license to produce Guiness.

Beer consumption in Haiti is about 1.3 liters per capita, compared to 45 liters in the neighboring Dominican Republic and 20 liters in nearby Puerto Rico.


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