Etta James: My Funny Valentine | The Sky Is Crying
Dady Chery


By Etta James

YouTube | Haiti Chery

The song “My Funny Valentine” brings to my mind, not a lover but, rather, a beloved child, a close animal friend, a favorite tree, or a stream that makes “me smile with my heart.” It is a song that never fails to make me happy to be human, alive, and on Earth, right now. And this rendition by Etta makes me glad to have shared this place with her.

Etta James




And yes, Etta could dig into a 12-bar blues, like “The Sky Is Crying,” as well as she could stretch the phrases of a jazz ballad. Thank you, Etta. You are missed.

Dady Chery, Editor
Haiti Chery

Sources:  You Tube (courtesy of Mygreeness and Caela Harlot ) | Haiti Chery

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