Occupy Oakland Urgently Needs Bail Funds, Says Festival Still On | OWS Calls Solidarity Protests



Occupy Oakland needs bail funds – Donation link attached

By Staff
Occupy Oakland

Occupy Oakland needs bail funds!

Click here to donate.

Police Chief Howard Jordan has been quoted in AP saying that almost 400 people were arrested yesterday.

Many people were arrested who need urgent medical attention, people who have been injured by the police, or people who do not have their medication with them to treat prior conditions. We need the money to bail these people out.

Many people who have medical needs were unable to prevent themselves from being arrested, or to retrieve their medication, because the police did not give a dispersal order– they just kettled. We are still gathering names.

Our bail funds have been dwindling significantly as a result of the police backlash against Occupy Oakland in the last month.

If you are able, please donate – 10, 50, 100, whatever you can.

Go to this link!






VIDEOS: Peaceful protesters being gassed by explosive canisters thrown by police.


Jan 29 Occupy Oakland Rise-Up Festival is at Oscar Grant Plaza

By Staff
Occupy Oakland

The Oakland Rise-up Festival is still on and will be occurring at the plaza Sunday January 29 at Oscar Grant Plaza.

Here is the schedule: http://occupyoakland.org/?p=16794

SUNDAY JAN 29: Conference Day

• 8-11am: Breakfast, Coffee & Morning Workshops
– Yoga & meditation
– Body Workers will also be on site
– Arts & Crafts time
– including workshops on the Paris Commune with Gerald Sanders, De-escalation training with Melissa and Mike from Sugetsukan, Trauma & Self Care with OO Safer Spaces, Divide and Conquer: Mapping Exploitation with Ryan Smith, Basic pepper spray and CS gas training with the OO medics, What California can learn from Latin America with Laura Wells and Andres Soto & much more!

• 11-1pm: First round of panels & discussions on
– Current Crisis of Capitalism featuring Laura Fantone, Jim Davis, Eddie Yuen & Francesca Manning
– Connecting the struggles from Oakland to Syria, Egypt and Palestine featuring Miriam Zouzounis, Noura Khouri and Shimaa’ Helmy
– Anti-authoritarian critiques of Occupy featuring Lawrence Jarach, Red Hughes & Greg

 • 1-2 pm: BBQ & Voices of Liberation Rally
– Featuring Corrina Gould, speakers from Occupy the Hood, Gerald Sanders and an open forum with comrades from other movements across the region.
– BBQ provided by the OO kitchen committee and donations
– bring food to donate and share!

• 2-4 pm: Second round of panels & discussions on
– Police Repression & Prisons featuring Elaine Brown, Jack Bryson, Bo Brown, & a member of the OO anti-repression committee
– Indigenous and Anti-Colonial Struggles featuring Corrina Gould, Michelle, V, Luta Candelaria and Chris Oakes
– Crisis of Oakland public schools featuring Nick Pomquist, Jack Gerson, Javier & Emily Macy
+ Guerrilla Storytelling with kids by Amy from the Oakland Public Library

• 4-6 pm: Third round of panels & discussions on
– Oakland Radical history featuring Elaine Brown, Gifford Hartman, Larry Shoupe, Robert Ovetz & Ricardo
– State of the labor movement and radical organizing featuring Kim Rojas, John Reiman & Chris Carlson
– The Relationship Between Gender, Sexuality and Political Violence featuring Oki, Lobna Darwish, Devin, & Barucha

• 6-7pm: Dinner provided by the OO kitchen committee
– featuring a conversation between David Graeber & Andrej Grubacic
– bring food to donate and share!

• 7-9pm: Occupy Oakland Sunday General Assembly
– organized by OO Facilitation Committee

• 9-12pm: Concert, Poetry & Films
– Hosted by OO’s MC Shake & Teardrop
– featuring DJ G Star & special guests
+ Poetry by Jasper Bernes, J.Clo & more

• Ongoing: Outside Bus Show
– featuring Acid Fast, Alabaster Chode, Bad Blood, Neon Piss, Mugwart, Que Se Mueran


Solidarity Sunday – Wear black fight back

By Staff
Occupy Wall Street

Yesterday, Occupy Oakland moved to convert a vacant building into a community center to provide education, medical, and housing services for the 99%. Police responded with tear gas, rubber bullets, beanbag rounds and mass arrests. The state has compounded its policy of callous indifference with a ruthless display of violent repression.

The Occupy movement will respond, as we have always responded: with an overwhelming show of collective resistance. Today, we take to the streets. Across the country, we will demonstrate our resolve to overcome repression and continue to build a better world grounded in love and solidarity for one another. All eyes on all Occupies.

SOLIDARITY SUNDAY starts at 7 p.m. EST, Sunday, January 29. Check your local Occupation for convergence points.

Be there!

Washington Square Park 7PM

Copley Square 7PM

Love Park 7PM

McPherson Square 7PM

HQ – Jackson & LaSalle 7PM

Macarthur Park 5PM PST

JFK Memorial 6PM CT

Justice Center 4PM PST

Voice of Freedom Park 7PM

Superbowl Village 6PM

Joining NYC march via train. Washington Square Park 7PM

City Hall 7PM

Light Show! I-55 near high street. 5:30PM (Livestream)

3pm today more than 100 members of Occupy Des Moines set up an occupy encampment at People’s Park at the Iowa State Capitol in solidarity with Occupy Oakland, Occupy Wall Street.  Police repression likely at 11pm when park closes.

Hollywood & Vine, (In Front of Hollywood & Vine red line Train Station) 4:00 PM PST

VAG Steps, 7:00PM

American Consulate 7:00PM

Candlelight Vigil at McKeldin Square 7:00PM

Rally meets at 7PM at Congress Square (across from the Eastland Hotel)

Massing at 6th and Main street in downtown Tulsa. 7pm central time.

Organizing initiatives are underway in


If your city would like to organize and join in this call to action, email directaction@nycga.net


Sources:  Occupy Oakland | Occupy Wall Street | Haiti Chery (assembly, addition of Photos, videos)



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