No Cholera Death for One Year Where Cuban-Led Medical Teams Work


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Editorial comment.  A good way to tell a real benefactor from a false one is that the true benefactor tries to work his way out of a job. Fake do-gooders are silent when things go well.  They inaugurate buildings, trumpet bad news, plan yearly vaccination campaigns against cholera, and set themselves up to stay forever.  Like the reconstruction funds that were meant to benefit the U.S. and not Haiti, cholera vaccinations are meant to benefit the vaccine merchants, and not Haitians.

Dady Chery, Editor
Haiti Chery

 The Cuban-led medical teams in Haiti today [Jan 18, 2012] reported exactly one year with no death among cholera patients treated by Cuban physicians and Latin American Medical School (ELAM) graduates working together in 34 hospitals and health centers across the country.

According to data provided by the teams, this week a sole case was reported in the South, the last department where the epidemic took hold. The outbreaks began across the country nine months after the devastating earthquake of January 2010.

Since then, in cooperation with the Haitian Health Ministry and PAHO, the teams have given priority attention to identifying and treating cholera patients, and are currently concentrating efforts on epidemiological surveillance in areas where acute diarrhea is reported, in order to diagnose new cases, and also provide community education.

Cholera has hit over half a million people in Haiti, and while case fatalities have generally fallen, they are still high:

  • Haitian health authorities report a rate of 1.3% deaths.
  • In places where the Cuban-led teams are posted, that rate since the beginning of the epidemic is 0.36%.

Source: Granma via Medical Education Cooperation With Cuba MEDICC

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