Haitian Senate Resolution: UN Soldiers Accused of Rape Should Be Tried In Place



Senate passes resolution calling for Haitian trial of Pakistani soldiers accused of raping a young Gonaïvien

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Editorial comment.  Nothing gets people’s attention better than deviant sex, and the Haitian Senate is no more immune to this prurient interest than the rest of us.

It goes without saying that all crimes committed in Haiti against Haitian citizens should be tried on Haitian soil. This is practically the definition of what it means to be a sovereign nation. On the other hand, Haiti is currently under foreign occupation.

If this were not so, the Haitian Senate would be discussing more serious matters.

For one, the parliament itself is being dismantled by neglect. For example, one third of the senate should have been renewed in mid-January, but there were no elections.

By far the worst crime committed against Haiti by the UN has been the murder of 7,000 Haitians — mostly children — with a cholera epidemic introduced into the country with infected Nepalese MINUSTAH soldiers. These soldiers were violently ill while in the UN Mirebalais base. Cholera is messy and hard to miss. But the UN covered up the source of the cholera and quietly shipped away its soldiers after dumping their wastes into the Artibonite River. The UN is still hiding what it did.

A broader resolution calling for a general lifting of immunity from all UN personnel would be appropriate and welcome at this stage.

Dady Chery, Editor
Haiti Chery


A Nepalese UN soldier -- note flag on the shoulder -- manhandles a Haitian girl in line for food and water after the earthquake (Credit: Andres Leighton/AP)

By staff

Translated from the French by Dady Chery for Haiti Chery

Port-au-Prince, Haiti – The Senate of the Republic adopted on Wednesday a resolution introduced by Senator Yuri Latortue, that calls for the Pakistani soldiers accused of raping a young Gonaïvian [Gonaïve is a northern town in Haiti. Ed.] on January 20th to be tried in a Haitian court.

The Senate says that this resolution is a reminder that rape, sexual harassment, molestation of minors, and forcible sodomy are serious offenses to human dignity and are degrading and dehumanizing acts.

The Senate strongly condemns the rape of a minor, insists that reparations be made, and notes that in such cases it is the law of the place where the crime is committed that should prevail.

In addition, the Senate recommends that immunity be lifted from soldiers who have been implicated in the crime by witnesses, the police, and the public outcry against the alleged rapists.

Senator Yuri Latortue says that he wants the Haitian justice system to handle this trial in a way that will reverse the morally serious threats to the dignity of the victim and ensure a secure and stable environment which is, among other things, the mandate of the UN mission in the country.

The parliamentarian notes that between January 18, 2005 and January 31, 2012, fourteen (14) cases of serious crimes committed by MINUSTAH soldiers have been recorded in the country.

Uruguayan soldiers raped another teenager last July called Johnny Jean in the town of Port-Salut. The MINUSTAH rapists were returned to their countries for a so-called trial but have instead been released.


Origine: AHP, Feb 8, 2012 (French) | Haiti Chery (English)


UPDATE, 13 MARS 2012

MINUSTAH announces that blue helmets who raped young Rudy Jean were tried, convicted and sent home to be imprisoned

By staff

Translated from the French by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery

Port-au-Prince, Haiti – The spokesperson for the UN Mission for Stabilization in Haiti (MINUSTAH), Sylvie van den Wildenberg said Tuesday [March 13] that two Pakistani soldiers were tried and convicted in Haiti of the rape of young Gonaïvien Rudy Jean and were expelled from the army and sentenced to one year in prison.

A Pakistani court martial in Gonaives conducted the trial, said Sylvie van den Wildenberg, who added that the Pakistani government agreed to compensate the victim and his parents.

The amount of the compensation has not yet been determined, noted the spokesperson, who announced that the culprits have been repatriated to their home to be imprisoned.

She took the opportunity to apologize on behalf of the UN mission to the victim, his parents and the Haitian people and to express that this rape of a teenager is an intolerable and unacceptable act.

The case of Rudy Jean is one of 15 acts deemed objectionable and of which the peacekeepers of the UN mission would be guilty in Haiti, according to a count by Senator Yuri Latortue, Chair of the Senate Commission For Justice and Security.

However, no action has yet been taken in the case of young Johnny Jean of Port-Salut (south), who was raped and sodomized in 2011 by four Uruguayan blue helmets. These men were later able to return to their country to be set free.

Justice and compensation are demanded for the teenager just as for the thousands of victims of cholera, an epidemic introduced into the country by Nepalese blue helmets, according to several leading experts who worked on the case.

Editorial note.  Another Haitian teenager, Gerard Jean Gilles, was suffocated to death on a UN base in August 2010, and in outrageous shows of impunity, the UN removed a key witness from the country, and during one of the protests that followed, blue helmets threw tear-gas canisters into the home of the Haitian judge who was investigating the case, injuring his daughter. But back to the Pakistani rapists. Should we expect the light sentence of a one-year imprisonment to be administered merely because a UN spokesperson says so? The Uruguayan rapists of Johnny Jean were set free in Uruguay. One hundred and eleven Sri Lankans who had been expelled from Haiti for child prostitution and related charges, were not only set free but also returned to the Sri Lankan army and promoted. Until Haitian judges regain jurisdiction over all criminals who commit crimes on Haitian soil, and Haitian jails are again the destination of those convicted in Haiti, the UN crime count will continue to rise. DC


Source: AHP, March 13, 2012 (French) | Haiti Chery (English translation, Editorial note)


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