A Revolution for WomenRevolución de Mujeres


By Tortilla con Sal | Jade
Tortilla con Sal, Jade (video, music) | IPS (photo, caption)

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The following video gives a snapshot of the many different Nicaraguan women who are rebuilding their country. As ever, we see the spectacular contributions of women who have bucked tradition so as to give birth to themselves and then give of themselves to others. More than anything, we see women of all ages, everywhere in Nicaragua, grasp each other’s hands and take control of their lives, their governance, their agriculture, their communities, in concert with the Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional (FSLN), led by Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

Josefina Rodríguez with her calf on her very own 3 hectares of land. Rodriguez and 45 other poor women farmers in Terrabona, situated almost 2,000 metres above sea level in the central Nicaraguan province of Matagalpa, are among the 46,248 women who have benefited from the Nicaraguan government’s Zero Hunger program, according to figures from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (Credit:Ismael López/IPS).



VIDEO: Nicaraguan women speak about theirs and other women’s contributions to the revolution. To activate the subtitles, click “CC” on the video. (6 min)


Credit: Tortilla con Sal (video) | IPS


 Por Tortilla con Sal | Jade
Tortilla con Sal, Jade (video, musica) | IPS (photo)

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Josefina Rodríguez con su cría en sus propias 3 hectáreas de tierra. Rodríguez y 45 otras agricultores pobres de Terrabona, situada a casi 2.000 metros sobre el nivel del mar en Matagalpa, la provincia central de Nicaragua de se encuentran entre las 46.248 mujeres que se han beneficiado con el programa del gobierno de Nicaragua Hambre Cero, de acuerdo con cifras del Ministerio de Agricultura y Forestal (Crédito: Ismael López/IPS).




VIDEO: Las mujeres en Nicaragua siempre han sido protagonistas de la Revolución Sandinista. En este video varias mujeres hablan de los avances para las mujeres en Nicaragua con el gobierno del Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional, liderado por Daniel Ortega y Rosario Murillo.


Fuentes: Tortilla con Sal (video) | IPS (foto)

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