Carnaval 2012: A Musical Indictment of Corruption in Haiti


Music by Boukman Eksperyans, Vwadezil
You Tube | Haiti Chery

In Haiti, the musical groups compose tunes especially for the year’s carnaval and compete for best composition. The songs below are three of the top Carnaval 2012 songs, all of them indictments of the current state of affairs. Some of the musicians have been assaulted for their social commentary, but who is complaining? Their words are: courage, fight on! By all means, drop all inhibition and dance. Watch the videos from start to finish. Hang on through all the musical changes, even if the tempo is slow at the start. If your hips aren’t eventually spinning at an exuberant 250 Hz, you need more practice. In Haiti, this is how we warm up when we mean business. We’re not partying to forget, but to remember. The truth does not take away our joy. Can you think of a better reason to help others than to make merry with them?

VIDEO: Street dances at 2012 Carnaval in Jacmel (4 min)

VIDEO: Don Kato Carnaval Song “Stayle” (6 min)

“Haiti stand up!

Let us see MINUSTAH’s ass march away…

Dessaline’s country is not for MINUSTAH! Haitians will not be divided!”

VIDEO: Boukman Eksperyans 2012 Carnaval Song “Banm Pam Ladann” – Give Me Mine! (5 1/2 min)

“Courage! Hang on, don’t let go!”

Interesting goings on in the NGO’s office…

VIDEO: Vwadezil – 2012 Carnaval song “M’pap Ka Ba Ou Metafo’w” – I Cannot Give You a Metaphor (5 1/2 min)

“Don’t ask your parents to give you a metaphor, ask the ministers… about the cholera… MINUSTAH… about the rapes… I cannot give you a metaphor.”

The city of Cayes is the official host of Carnaval 2012 (Feb 19-21), with some events in Jacmel. Port-au-Prince received no support this year.

Incidentally, the U.S. Navy ship Swift HSV 2 is currently in Haiti as part a “humanitarian” Southern Command (Southcom) “Southern Partnership Station 2012 (SPS 12).” Yeah. Sure.

Sources: Haiti Chery (introduction, assembly)| You Tube (music videos) | Rapadoo Observateur (some photos)

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    Hey There Dady Chery,
    Cool Post, Do you however encounter Carnaval if you do not go to the celebrations? Is it well worth it to get a mask? If so, what is the most affordable and/or speediest way to get there from Rome?
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