West African Giraffes Back from the Brink


By Staff
Al Jazeera

Tourist earnings help in stabilising the population that once faced extinction.

Distinguished by its light coloured spots, the West-African giraffe once roamed in pockets across Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon and Benin, that is until drought and hunting decimated their numbers.

VIDEO: West African giraffes roam again (1 1/2 min).

In 1996, with just 50 left in the wild, conservationists in Niger launched a campaign to protect them from poachers.

“Conservation efforts since the 1990s have led to a sizable growth in population, though largely limited to the single Dosso herd. From a low of 50 individuals, in 2007 there were some 175 wild individuals, 250 in 2010, and 310 in the Nigerien government’s 2012 count.” Wikipedia

And as Al Jazeera’s Tarek Bazley explains, their gradual return has been helped in part by a rise in tourists.


Source: Al Jazeera

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