Withdraw UNASUR’s UN Troops from Haiti!


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United Nations soldiers from

Argentina, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, France, Guatemala, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Nepal, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, United States, and Uruguay

are in Haiti to support a military occupation that followed a United States-France-Canada 2004 coup against democratically elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide. This coup was motivated mainly by a greed for gold, fertile lands, and sweatshop labor for US $3 per day.

UNASUR’s membership consists of:

Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

Why does any Latin American country assist this sordid occupation? Could the foreign exchange to be extracted from such a practice, or the militarized police, ever be a public good for countries that hope not to see a return to dictatorship?

How can anyone reasonably argue for stability in Haiti while the country is the midst of a cholera epidemic, its parliament is incomplete, and its president and prime minister come from elections that excluded 80 percent of the electorate?

So far, the withdrawal of Latin American troops from Haiti has looked more like a plan for the gradual replacement of such troops with Asian and African troops from countries like Bangladesh and Rwanda, but a total and immediate withdrawal is called for.

Haiti needs freedom from predation much more urgently than it needs aid.

Dady Chery, Editor
Haiti Chery


UNASUR Defense Council Studies Haiti Situation

By Staff (sgl/emw/mgt/jrr)

Prensa Latina

Asuncion, Paraguay — The South American Defense Council of UNASUR (Union of South American Nations) addressed today in Asuncion, Paraguay, the situation of cooperation with Haiti and the Fiscal Defense Expenses.

The debates with defense ministers, vice ministers and top brass of Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Suriname termed positive the aid to Haiti and convenience of a timetable for South America’s gradual military withdrawal from the MINUSTAH without neglecting aid to the Caribbean nation.

At the opening, General Catalino Roy Ortiz, Defense Minister of Paraguay, stressed the terms for the final withdrawal from Haiti will be based on the existing safe environment and lauded the aid to the government and people of Haiti to guarantee safety and stability, and he underlined the Cooperation Council efforts among the members of the UNASUR in the field of defense.

The Center of Strategic Studies submitted the Expense Registry Report, which some guests defined as a gesture of transparence and expression of the new defense policy.

The UNASUR will host an extraordinary session Monday in Bogota to welcome Venezuela officially as Secretary General of the organization.


Source: Prensa Latina

2 comments on “Withdraw UNASUR’s UN Troops from Haiti!

  1. Just to clarify:

    MINUSTAH is a UN organization that has troops in Haiti.

    UNASUR is not a UN organization and it has no troops in Haiti.

    Some countries, like Brazil, are members of both organizations, but if they have troops in Haiti it is as part of MINUSTAH, not UNASUR.

    While there have been allegations against Venezuela by the corrupt US-backed Haitian government, Venezuela has been the top provider of non-military humanitarian aid to Haiti.

    The US and it’s Haitian puppets would like to prevent any aid from reaching Haitians in need, so we should consider who is making the allegations and what their motives might be. The US, with an eye on recolonization, consistently tries to discredit Venezuela, and has always opposed both Haitian and Venezuelan autonomy.

  2. Dady CheryDady Chery on said:

    Just to clarify:

    There are troops in Haiti from the Latin-American countries listed in the article as having contributed their citizens for participation in the UN “peacekeepers” (de)stabilization mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH). These countries can withdraw their participation from MINUSTAH at any time.

    UNASUR is an organization of Latin-American countries that is trying to formulate a joint defense policy. Its members recently met to discuss how to extricate their citizens from involvement in Haiti’s military occupation by the UN.

    It is shameful that any other decision should be taken except for a call for an immediate withdrawal of all the troops. The main motivation for a continued stay in Haiti is the foreign exchange: the corrupting dollars that the troops send home.

    Of course UNASUR is not part of the UN, but that’s neither here, nor there. UNASUR’s member countries have the final say about their citizens’ military involvement anywhere in the world.

    Venezuela has never participated in Haiti’s military occupation; So NONE of this article regards Venezuela.

    The participation of presumably progressive Latin-American countries, including Ecuador, Argentina and Bolivia, in Haiti’s military occupation is something that must be exposed, not only for Haiti’s sake but also for the sake of these countries. So long as they continue to turn a blind eye to their rightist military elements’ training of troops abroad, there will be more army coups at home.

    Do note that I wrote the editorial for this article before the Paraguay coup.
    Such things are quite predictable.

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