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Support for the Frente Sandinista Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional (FSLN) increased dramatically between 2007 and 2011. Nationally, young people voted overwhelmingly for the policies of the Frente Sandinista and its government led by Daniel Ortega. This massive support makes nonsense of the Nicaraguan opposition parties’ fake claims of voting fraud.

Nicaragua has shed its many parasitic NGO from the 1980’s and is being cared for by an engaged youth. It is reasonable that the young should be the driving force for revolution in a youthful country like Nicaragua, where the median age is in the mid-20’s and about one third of the population is 15 or younger. Virtually anything is possible — a joy, actually — with a supportive government, a vision, and the youthful energy to see it though.

This video explores some of the reasons why Nicaragua’s young people support the Sandinista government so strongly, in particular the model of direct democracy known as Poder Ciudadano (Citizen’s Power).


VIDEO: Revolution of Nicaragua’s youth (Click “CC” for subtitles; 5 min)


Sources: Tortilla con Sal via YouTube | Featured image: Young Nicaraguans work on a reforestation project.

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Por Tortilla con Sal

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Entre 2007 y 2011, se aumentó dramáticamente el apoyo electoral para el Frente Sandinista. A nivel nacional, la juventud en general votó masivamente para las políticas del Frente Sandinista y su gobierno dirigido por el Presidente Daniel Ortega. Ese apoyo abrumador hace ridículas las acusaciones lanzadas por la oposición política en Nicaragua de un extenso fraude electoral. Este video explora algunos de los razones que motivaron a la juventud en Nicaragua a dar tan amplio apoyo al Frente Sandinista, especialmente en base del modelo de Poder Ciudadano de la democracia directa

VIDEO: Revolución de juventud (5 min).


Fuente: Tortilla con sal via You Tube

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