Peasants In Saltos del Guaira Demand Negotiations With Paraguayan Government


Peasants refuse order to leave occupied land

By Staff (sc/cgm/ocs/jrr)
Prensa Latina

Asuncion, Paraguay, August 6, 2012 — Tension remains in the Paraguayan town of Saltos del Guaira, on the east, after a thousand peasants refused to obey a prosecution order today to abandon lands they occupied there.

The high number of laborers and their families, who claim hectares of land on which to live and work, came in last Saturday night at the grounds of the estate of a Brazilian settler. They were met with gunfire by private guards and police, and eight were left wounded.

However, the peasants, among whom are many children and women, did not stop their advance and drove back the guards, as reported by local press correspondents.

Immediately after, they began laying at the site more than 300 tents which were installed with the decision to stay until they are delivered land claims made for several years without any official solution.

Prosecutor Diosnel Giménez presented himself at the farm accompanied by some 150 police, had meetings with the leaders of the camp assistants, as they are popularly known to live in tents in the vicinity of the estates they consider appropriate for irregularly present owners.

After that he told reporters last night that the peasants refused the order to abandon the Brazilian settler’s property and threatened to resist any attempt to evict.

Giménez gave them 24 hours to leave the place peacefully after which he would proceed with the said eviction action by the police.


Police evicts peasants occupying farm

By Staff (sgl/isa/mgt/jrr)
Prensa Latina

Asuncion, Paraguay, Aug 6, 2012. More than 300 police officers today fired tear gas and evicted hundreds of peasants occupying land on a farm in Saltos del Guaira (east).

TV station Telefuturo correspondent Fatima Garay confirmed the police action started after giving the ultimatum for evacuation of the area by the landless peasants who arrived there on Saturday night, eight of whom were wounded by private security guards.

Meanwhile, the online edition of the newspaper La Nacion headlined “Eviction and Violence in Saltos del Guaira” and collected information from Garay on the use of tear gas but did not elaborate on details of the eviction.

Similarly, prosecutor Diosnel Giménez confirmed that about 1,000 peasants and their families, who occupied part of the property titled in the name of a Brazilian citizen, almost entirely vacated the place and said everything went peacefully.

Other media correspondents said the farmers withdrew to the right bank of the farm, and they are trying to stay there while demanding negotiations with the government for plots on which to live and work.


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