Isaac Takes Boat from Haiti to Florida GOP Convention
Dady Chery


By Dady Chery

Haiti Chery

Haitian government officials finally did something about Tropical Storm Isaac.  They gathered 32 boats and 1250 temporary shelters as peace offerings to the storm gods. Then they gave a press conference at which they demanded that all those in charge of safety — whoever they might be — do their jobs, whatever these might be… like, help Haitians through ravines, for instance.

This kind of demand is customary: analogous to asking those in charge of tourism to weed the Citadelle Laferriere, or prune the trees that encroach on the fortress walls.

At the least, this keeps people too busy to ask the government officials to do their jobs.

Another government demand, thus far unconfirmed, was for Haiti’s meteorology center to transform the hurricane into a tropical rain.

“I am a mere mortal,”

the chief meteorologist is rumored to have responded.

“I cannot turn a hurricane into a tropical rain. But I can change a hurricane warning to a tropical rain forecast.”

Having done this, he banished the word “hurricane” from the lexicon and invited all Haitians to change into their bathing suits for a national tropical-rain carnival.

The storm gods listened to all that the Haitians had to say. Then they went and listened as closely to ABC News, which prayed dearly for the winds and rain to make a mess of the Republican National Convention in Tampa.  Feeling unwanted in Haiti but welcome in Florida, the gods held a congress and made their decision. They would sail their 32 boats to Tampa.

And this is how Isaac disappeared from the Caribbean Sea to reemerge as a category 3 hurricane directly over the GOP National Convention. In the U.S., it was all news, all weather, all the time.  In Haiti, it was a beautiful, drizzly, carnival night! A miracle.

Source: Haiti Chery

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