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  1. One Love Dady.

    I read your piece about the Penn State thugs who stole the frogs from our Haitian eco culture. I think that it’s an atrocity. I cannot believe that there aren’t ethical guidelines for carrying research internationally that would keep these kinds of people (who waltz in with their white skin and white lab coats and do what they want with no approval) from destroying an entire species that is so crucial to the eco system of Ayiti.
    I hope that this alerts the Haitian natural scientist and prompts them to fight for and to protect the Haitian natural eco system now and in the future.
    Thanks for writing about this topic in such an intense and loving way.
    Blessed love.

  2. Thank you for your comment Nadine. You’re right on the money. These people think we’re fools. And yes, their racism is showing. They figure they can use their “scientific authority” to make a big fuss about deforestation while they’re wiping out Haiti’s wildlife, and we won’t be wise to it. There are guidelines against such unethical behavior by researchers. Some actions we can take are suggested in a new update to the story. One love, Nadine.

  3. This is revolutionary. You have a very independent and non-compromising point of view. I like your mind and respect you my sister. This is very refreshing. I have also to let you know that this is the first time that an article about our old country has taken me back. Your analysis has addressed all social, racial, and economic aspects of Haiti. I have to conclude that Revolution is imminent and necessary. The majority of the population simply suffers too much.

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