Les manifestations anti américaines se propagent à tous les pays du monde musulman


(English) By Alex Lantier, WSWS. Protests that began one week ago at US embassies in Egypt and Libya are rapidly spreading throughout the Muslim world. The protests reflect broad popular opposition to Washington’s wars, its violation of elementary democratic rights in the conduct of the “war on terror,” and its exploitation of the region as a source of cheap labor. (English | French)

Le ‘paquet’ désastreux de Durban accélère la catastrophe climatique

(English) By Nnimmo Bassey and staff, Friends of the Earth International via Common Dreams | Al Jazeera (video). The UN climate talks in Durban take the world a significant step back by undermining an already inadequate system. The developing countries’ promised reductions are greater than those of the industrialized world, which is responsible for 75 percent of the total human emissions in the atmosphere. (English | French)

(English) The G-20 Meeting


By Fidel Castro Ruz, CubaDebate via Granma. Those countries are attempting to monopolize technologies and markets by means of patents, banks, the most modern and costly forms of transportation, cybernetic domination of complex productive processes, and the control of communications and the mass media in order to deceive the world.

Les 10 premières raisons pour lesquelles la MINUSTAH devrait partir
Dady Chery


By Dady Chery (also in French and Spanish) MINUSTAH’s worst crime so far is the killing of over 6000 Haitians with cholera. It is a degraded, degrading, and unwanted occupation force that must go.