Amended Haitian Constitution Confirmed as Prefabricated ‘Fake’


By Staff, Defend Haiti. A presidential commission recommends withholding publication of a version of the Haitian Constitution amended by the Parliament in May 2011 and subsequently corrected. When this document was submitted to former President Rene Preval for formal publication in the executive journal Le Moniteur, its contents were found to differ from the outcomes of the Haitian Parliament’s votes. UPDATE: May 28, International donors pressure Haiti to accept the fake constitution (promoted by Lamothe) or an emergency law, meaning suspension of the Constitution (promoted by Martelly).

In Miami, 12 Officers Shoot Haitian over 100 Times: Where Is International Press?


By Jean-Guy Allard, Argenpress | Translated by Natasha Mann, Watching America | Axis of Logic. Six youths from segregated neighborhoods in Miami have become victims of fatal police shootings within the last 10 months, without even one investigation report having been filed, or one police officer accused, even of criminal negligence.

A Prefab Parliament, Prefab President, and Prefab Constitution for Occupied Haiti
Dady Chery


By Dady Chery, Haiti Chery. Michel Martelly’s inauguration on May 14, 2011 should have brought into effect a new US-written constitution for Haiti, with amendments of over one third of all the Articles in the country’s 1987 Constitution. The “amended constitution” was assumed to have died a quiet death because of loud objections by the members of the parliament who pointed out that a published draft did not concur with their discussions.

Bill Clinton’s Dictatorship in Haiti

By Dady Chery, Haiti Chery. Things haven’t cooled down in Haiti. Quite the contrary. They’re just starting to simmer.