From Haiti to Guatemala: MINUSTAH’s Edmond Mulet Comes Home to Roost
Dady Chery


By Dady Chery, Haiti Chery. Today, we have a big shot returning from the United Nations Mission for the Stabilization of Haiti (MINUSTAH), one who descends from the Guatemala of Efrain Rios Montt (1982-1983): we have Edmond Mulet, the Assistant Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations at the UN and probably Guatemala’s next president.

Former Guatemalan Dictator Rios Montt to Stand Trial for Genocide


By Danilo Valladares, IPS. A Guatemalan court has ordered former dictator Efrain Rios Montt to stand trial for genocide and crimes against humanity. If convincted, he faces 30 years in prison. This should cover Montt, who is 85 years old. Hopefully this is only the start, and the members of the army who perpetrated the crimes will also be brought to justice. (English | Spanish)