Fracking-Earthquake Link Known For Decade By Scientists, Military and Frackers


By Andrew Nikiforuk, The Tyee. Hydraulic fracturing was identified by the U.S. as an earthquake trigger as early as 1990, and scientists have long known that injection of fluid where the Earth’s crust lies closest to faults and fractures can cause earthquakes.

Bulgaria Bans Fracking


By Mirel Bran, Guardian Weekly | Sofia News Agency via Novinite. A small groups of concerned citizens have successfully pressured the Bulgarian Parliament into withdrawing a permit issued to Chevron and deciding, in January, to ban exploration of shale-gas reserves by the controversial hydraulic-fracturing (fracking) technique. Bulgaria, with shale-gas reserves of over 300 billion cubic meters, thus became the second European state to put a ban on fracking.

Shale-Shocked: Fracking Gets Its Own Occupy Movement


By Ellen Cantarow, Tom Dispatch. “This is what my kids are made of. They are made of water. They are made of the food that is grown in the county that I live in. And they are made of air. We inhale a pint of atmosphere with every breath we take… And when you poison these things, you poison us. That is a violation of our human rights, and that is why this is the civil rights issue of our day.” – Sandra Steingraber

Bigger Greenhouse Gas Footprint from Fracking

By Lynn Herrmann, Digital Journal. According to a study by scientists at Cornell University, compared to conventional oil, gas, or coal, the shale gas from hydraulic fracturing (fracking) has a greater impact on climate change because of a bigger greenhouse effect due to release of high levels of methane into the atmosphere.

Fracking for Shale Gas Pollutes Water, Leads to Earthquakes


Staff, British Columbia Women’s Institute | Maggie Schneider, CNN | Josh Fox, You Tube | By Muriel Kane, Raw Story. Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is looking increasingly like a technology that will have to be left alone, not only because it pollutes the atmosphere and water, but also because the high-pressure injection of waste water from this process is thought to allow ancient faults to slip, leading to earthquakes. UPDATE Mar 9, 2012: Ohio concludes fracking causes earthquakes, strengtens regulations.