Charles Ortel: ‘Clinton Robin Hood in Reverse Must Be Punished’
Dady Chery

A cholera-infected child cries after receiving medical treatment in L'Estere, Haiti. An outbreak of the disease began in October 2010 and is lasting several months.

Interview of Charles Ortel with Dady Chery Haiti Chery Despite the polls in the run up to November 8, 2016, and the post-election shenanigans that continue to this day, the United States has a new President, and it is not … Continue reading

Clinton Disaster Fundraising: Predatory Humanitarianism?


Exclusive Haiti Chery and News Junkie Post Interview With Charles Ortel Introduction It is Haiti’s good luck and surely the Clintons‘ misfortune, that Charles Ortel, one of the world’s finest financial analysts, has got the Clinton Foundation in his sights. Mr. … Continue reading

Clear Caribbean Thinking Required on Extra-Territorial US Laws


By David Jessop, Caribbean Council via Stabroek News. The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, or FATCA, is one of a growing number of US laws that are extra-territorial in effect and have been introduced on the grounds of security, to counter terrorism and organized crime, or to address tax evasion. In addition to extending US jurisdiction into the Caribbean, FATCA carries with it the possibility of being used to extend the reach of US law into areas that the legislation was not primarily designed to address.