Boston Marathon Bombing: More Justification for Repression and Endless Global War on Terror
Dady Chery


By Gilbert Mercier and Dady Chery Haiti Chery We might never learn the motive behind the Boston Marathon bomb attack on Monday, April 15, 2013, which is reported to have killed three people and injured more than 170. It could … Continue reading

Humanitarian Imperialism: From Hookworm Treatment to Polio Vaccines
Dady Chery


By Dady Chery, Haiti Chery | News Junkie Post. The lust for power has grown. The collaboration of today’s super rich in their philanthropy is a kind of humanitarian imperialism meant not only to rehabilitate their names but also impose their views on a global scale.

Anti-US Protests Spread Throughout Muslim World | Les manifestations anti américaines se propagent à tous les pays du monde musulman


By Alex Lantier, WSWS. Protests that began one week ago at US embassies in Egypt and Libya are rapidly spreading throughout the Muslim world. The protests reflect broad popular opposition to Washington’s wars, its violation of elementary democratic rights in the conduct of the “war on terror,” and its exploitation of the region as a source of cheap labor. (English | French)

Canada’s Infamy Per Capita


By David Swanson/Douglas Ou-ee-ii-jay-ii Jack, War Is a Crime. The great majority of Canadians are unaware of their status as world leaders in activities such as mine development, energy development, deforestation, consumerism, and weapons sales.

Mother’s U.S. Citizenship Disqualifies Islamist Presidential Hopeful in Egypt

By Staff, Egypt Independent. Egypt’s Presidential Elections Commission has confirmed receiving documentation that Nawal Abdel Aziz Nour, the late mother of presidential hopeful Hazem Salah Abu Ismail, obtained U.S. nationality in 2006. Ismail is a popular Islamic preacher who advocates for the establishment of an Islamist state that applies Sharia.

Hana Shalabi’s Health a Continued Concern After Expulsion to Gaza

Yahya Shalabi, father of Palestinian prisoner Shalabi holds a placard depicting his daughter during a protest near Jenin

Joint Statement, Addameer, Physicians for Human Rights – Israel | Editorial comment by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery. Addameer and PHR-Israel fear that while Hana Shalabi was gravely ill from her hunger strike, she might have been coerced into ending this strike by preventing family visits and restricting her access to physician and lawyers. Her health and that of over 30 “administrative detainees” on hunger strikes continue to be of grave concern. UPDATE on April 5th: Parents and uncle reunited with Hana Shalabi in Gaza.

Ugandans Fight U.S. Export of Virulent Anti-Homosexual Hatred | Murders of Iraqi LGBT | Ugandeses Luchan contra la exportación de EE.UU. del virulento odio contra los homosexuales

By Charundi Panagoda and Jim Lobe, IPS | Karlos Zurutuza, IPS. The U.S. civil rights group Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) has filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of the Sexual Minorities of Uganda (SMUG) against a U.S. right-wing evangelist leader for inciting hatred against homosexuals in Uganda that has led to the murder of activist David Kato and other kinds of violence. Meanwhile, dozens of bodies of murdered gays and lesbians are appearing in Baghdad’s streets, and over 720 LGBT persons have been killed in Iraq in the past 6 years. A rhetoric of likening gays to satanists is associated with the violence in both Uganda and Iraq. (English | Spanish)

Palestinian Khader Adnan Wins Freedom from Detention with 66-Day Protest Hunger Strike


By Pierre Klochendler, IPS | Ruth Pollard, Sydney Morning Herald | Randa Musa, The Guardian | Staff, We Speak News. Khader Adnan, a 33-year-old Palestinian baker with a pregnant wife and 2 young daughters, wen on a hunger strike that lasted 66 days from the start of his “administrative detention” without charge or trial on Dec 18 in an Israeli jail. On Feb 21. Israel announced today that it would not extend the detention but did not release Adnan. Over 300 Palestinians are “administrative detainees,” some of whom have been held for over 4 years. UPDATES: Feb 22nd, Eloquent denunciation of “administrative detention” by Randa Musa, Adnan’s wife; April 17th, Adnan’s release from prison.

Don’t Force Statehood on Somalia

A fisherman carries a sword fish on his head from the Indian Ocean in the port city of Kismayu (Credit: Reuters).

By Richard Dowden, African Arguments | Haiti Chery. “The model for Somalia is Switzerland…. Somalia’s nomadic tradition makes it a self-sufficient, individualistic society bound by complicated codes of loyalty and rivalry…. Strong centralised states are the legacy of colonial rulers and unsurprisingly the inheritor governments have kept it that way.” – Richard Dowden.

The Butchers of Nigeria


By Wole Soyinka, Newsweek Magazine. “Rather than act in defense of Nigeria’s Constitution, past rulers have cosseted the aggressors for short-term political gains. However, those who have tweaked the religious chord are discovering that they have conjured up a Frankenstein. Arrogance has given way to fear.” – Wole Soyinka

Nigeria: Billions Siphoned by Corruption Could Have Been Used to Maintain Fuel SubsidyNigeria: La corrupción encendió la mecha

By Mustapha Muhammad, IPS. Nigeria is paralyzed by protests and a nationwide strike against the lifting of a fuel subsidy that could have been maintained if billions of dollars had not been lost to corruption. (English | Spanish)

Haitians Emigrating to Brazil UndocumentedHaitianos indocumentados llegan en BrasilPara barrar haitianos, Brasil tenta acordos com serviços secretos


ImmiBy Staff, Efe via Listín Diario | By Najla Passos, Carta Maior | Translated from Spanish and Portuguese by David Holmes Morris for lo-de-alla. Some 500 undocumented Haitian immigrants entered the Brazilian city of Brasileia, in the last three days of 2011. The illegal entry might have been dangerous and mediated by human traffickers. Some Brazilian officials are suggesting that a set number of Haitian immigrants should be allowed legal entry into the country. UPDATE on Feb 2, 2012 from AlterPresse: During a visit to Haiti, Brazilian President Dilma Rousef said that her country would grant 1200 visas per year for the next five years for the legal entry of Haitians into Brazil. (English | Spanish, Portuguese)