The Fake Left
Dady Chery


By Dady Chery and Gilbert Mercier Haiti Chery All writers with a desire to rattle people out of their torpor occasionally wonder if it is worthwhile to continue to try to raise their voices over the din of lies and … Continue reading

The Politics of Climate Change: Is Occupy Turning Into an NGO?
Dady Chery


By Gilbert Mercier and Dady Chery, News Junkie Post | Haiti Chery. MLK could easily have built a movement to supply food, blankets, and diapers to needy African Americans. Decades later, as climate change exacerbates life for those already on the edge, the arguments are the same. Do we put a band-aid over the lash wounds, or do we stop those who are administering the beatings?

Mexican Students Occupy Plaza, Present Evidence of Fraud


By Kenneth Thomas, OpEd News. Mexico City’s #yosoy132 student movement has decided to occupy the country’s grand plaza to the country’s 1910-1929 democratic government. They erected tents and a large under-tent field headquarters. At around 2:30 p.m. on July 2, the movement’s intelligence team received and posted incoming evidence of ballot fraud in the previous day’s election.

Mouseland: A Metaphor About the Lobbycracy | ‘Mouseland’, una metáfora de la lobbycracia


Originally by Clarence Gillis, as told by Tommy Douglas, Information Clearing House | You Tube | Mangas Verdes | Haiti Chery. “Mouseland was a place where all the little mice lived and played, were born and died. And they lived much the same as you and I do. They even had a Parliament. And every four years they had an election…. And every time on election day all the little mice used to go to the ballot box and they used to elect a government. A government made up of big, fat, black cats.” (English | Spanish, with video)

U.S. Labor Law ‘a Scam’


By Josh Eidelson, In These Times. Only about 12% of U.S. workers currently belong to labor unions. A turning point in the power of American labor was the passage of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and especially its 1945 Taft-Hartly Act provisions that formally recognized the right to collective bargaining but banned tactics like mass picketing and secondary boycotts. The NLRA is examined in light of the growing disregard for unions by corporate bosses and the increasingly successful partnerships of labor with the Occupy movement.

Victory Against Greed for Teamsters Art Handlers and Occupy Wall Street


By Jenny Brown, Labor Notes | Gary Roland, Waging Nonviolence | YouTube. In 2011 Sotheby’s enjoyed its best year since 2007, clocking $5.8 billion in sales and $171 million in profits. Nevertheless, the high-end art auction house locked out 43 Teamsters when they refused a contract that would have allowed work to be contracted out to non-union workers. With support from Occupy Wall Street, the union survived 10 months of lockout and on May 31, 2012 ratified a new three-year contract.

Workers and Students Beat University-Funded Hotel-Flipping Firm


By David Moberg, In These Times. Overcoming the classic town-gown social divide, students at various ivy-league universities have formed labor-action movements to win major victories for hotel workers in their fight against appalling working conditions at a set of university-financed hotels.

Taking It to the Streets: Justice for Alan Blueford! Release Chris Moreland!


By Davey D, Davey D’s Hip Hop Corner Blog | twitter: @alyssa011968 | Editorial comment by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery. At a recent townhall meeting in Oakland about the shooting of 18-year old Alan Blueford, attendees turned their backs on what they perceived as being lies from the police chief. A bullhorn called “Justice!” and got the response “For Alan Blueford” Chris Moreland, the man who cried “Justice!” into the bullhorn, is himself now in jail on trumped up charges.

Iraq, Afghanistan Veterans Discard Service Medals at No-NATO Protest


By Mary Wisniewski, Reuters | Jon Michael Turner, Veterans Today, Democracy Now, YouTube | Aaron Hughes, Democracy Now! Nearly 50 U.S. military veterans at an anti-NATO rally in Chicago threw their service medals into the street on Sunday May 20 in rejection of the U.S.-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. “Occupations don’t build democracies, don’t extend individuals’ freedoms. The movements—the Arab uprising, the Arab Spring—that was building democracy. The movements of Gandhi, the movements of the civil rights movements here in the United States, people’s movements, that extends democracy, not military force.” – Aaron Hughes.

Nurses Lead Protest Against NATO, For Financial Transactions Tax


By David Moberg, In These Times | Haiti Chery. Nurses around the world are calling for a tax on financial sector speculation, which caused the ongoing crisis, so the proceeds may be used to reduce inequality, provide for health and other public needs, and create a healthy economy with full employment. At a Friday May 18 rally in Chicago kicking off the no-NATO protests, the nurses wore Robin Hood attire — red shirts and green caps — to demand the Financial Transaction Tax, also called the “Robin Hood Tax.”

From Haymarket to Occupy May 1, 2012: A Day Without the 99%


By Syed Hussan, Mary-Elizabeth Dill, and Abeer Majeed, Rabble | Occupy Oakland | Occupy Wall Street | YouTube | Haiti Chery. Occupy May Day in Oakland and New York will be joined by workers the world over. Get informed about the events. Read about the contributions of immigrants to the history of labor and the designation of May 1st as International Workers’ Day. UPDATES: April 30, Peter Seeger’s ” L’Internationale”; May 1, videos of oakland protesters marching early in the day and of later attack on a young woman by police.

Tunisian Pirate Party Inaugurated


By Monia Ghanmi, Magharebia | Nate Anderson Ars Technica | Haiti Chery. Tunisian bloggers have formed the first anti-censorship political party in Africa and the Arab world: the Tunisian Pirate Party. “The ideology of this party is freedom and use of the internet as infrastructure and democracy, because free Internet is an indicator of democratic nations.” – Slim Amamou