Haiti Elections Cooked in Favor of Jovenel Moise
Dady Chery


By Dady Chery

Haiti Chery

Haitians should not accept the supposed official results of the November 20, 2016 presidential elections, or for that matter, any other election from that day.

The 91 tabulation sheets below are organized by Haiti’s 10 Departments (States). All these votes were admitted into the count by Haiti’s Interim Election Commission (CEP) because it found nothing wrong with any of them. Indeed CEP officials remarked that the electoral rules, like those which say that anything with a correction is inadmissible, were mere suggestions. As crooked as this stance is, it is a minor part of the fraud that took place. The Tabulation Sheets come with Voters Lists that voters have to sign (or validate with thumbprint) at the polls and authenticate with a National Identification Card (CIN) number. So far, the CEP has not allowed qualified police authorities to verify the authenticity of the CIN numbers and thumbprints. This is important, because throughout the country there were reports on election day of individuals being found with massive numbers of CINs. In addition, many voters reported that they were turned away because other people had already voted in their names.






Grand Anse















Sources: Dady Chery is the author of We Have Dared to Be Free. | Photographs of Tabulation Sheets from Jude Celestin Television | Photographs one and two: Haitian fire eater and Haitian fire walker by Billtacular.

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