Haiti: Clinton’s Puppet Martelly Must Go


By Castro Desroches, Haiti Chery. When Martelly was (s)elected by our “Supreme Benefactor” Bill Clinton in May 2011, Haiti had about 1,500 elected officials. On the fateful day of January 12, 2015, i.e. the fifth anniversary of the earthquake, only 11 elected officials will remain if Martelly is allowed to fulfill his wish to govern by decree.

Haiti’s Human Rights Organizations Say No to Dictatorship | Les Organisations Haïtiennes de Défense des Droits Humains disent non à la gouvernance par décret


By Staff, AHP | Translated from the French by Dady Chery for Haiti Chery | Editorial comment by Dady Chery. Thirteen human rights organizations have signed a memorandum to reject neo-dictatorship in Haiti after Michel Martelly declared that, if there could not be local elections in Haiti by January 12, 2015, he would rule by decree. (English | French)

The Politics of Climate Change: Is Occupy Turning Into an NGO?
Dady Chery


By Gilbert Mercier and Dady Chery, News Junkie Post | Haiti Chery. MLK could easily have built a movement to supply food, blankets, and diapers to needy African Americans. Decades later, as climate change exacerbates life for those already on the edge, the arguments are the same. Do we put a band-aid over the lash wounds, or do we stop those who are administering the beatings?

Haiti’s Puppet Masters By Another Name | Les marionnettistes d’Haïti par un autre nom


By Staff, Radio Metropole | Translation and editorial comment by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery. With the recent reactivation of the defunct 2005 Council of Economic and Social Development (Conseil de Développement Economique et Social), Haiti establishes a permanent dictatorship — with elections. The CESD replaces the Interim Commission for Haiti Reconstruction (ICHR). (English | French)

Revolution of Youth in NicaraguaRevolución de juventud


By Tortilla con Sal, YouTube. Support for Nicaragua’s Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional (FSLN), and its government led by Daniel Ortega, increased dramatically between 2007 and 2011. Young people voted overwhelmingly for the policies of the FSLN and continue to be engaged as citizens in a model of direct democracy called Poder Ciudadano (Citizen’s Power).

Mexican Students Occupy Plaza, Present Evidence of Fraud


By Kenneth Thomas, OpEd News. Mexico City’s #yosoy132 student movement has decided to occupy the country’s grand plaza to the country’s 1910-1929 democratic government. They erected tents and a large under-tent field headquarters. At around 2:30 p.m. on July 2, the movement’s intelligence team received and posted incoming evidence of ballot fraud in the previous day’s election.

Verifiable-Vote Elections
Dady Chery


By Dady Chery, Haiti Chery. The only one who may be absolutely trusted to defend a voter’s right is the voter. Demand nothing. A demand assumes good faith from those in power. The reason why the world’s elites call for elections here, there, everywhere, today without trepidation is because, to them, democracy has been licked. It will remain so until votes are verifiable.

Mouseland: A Metaphor About the Lobbycracy | ‘Mouseland’, una metáfora de la lobbycracia


Originally by Clarence Gillis, as told by Tommy Douglas, Information Clearing House | You Tube | Mangas Verdes | Haiti Chery. “Mouseland was a place where all the little mice lived and played, were born and died. And they lived much the same as you and I do. They even had a Parliament. And every four years they had an election…. And every time on election day all the little mice used to go to the ballot box and they used to elect a government. A government made up of big, fat, black cats.” (English | Spanish, with video)

Haitian MPs Who Support Mayors’ Dismissal Will Get Community Development FundsLa Fenamh met l’exécutif en garde contre tout renvoi des cartels municipaux


By Gerard Maxineau, Le Nouvelliste | Editorial comment by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery. The National Federation of Haitian Mayors (FENAMH) has fingered the executive and some lawmakers as having recently drafted a plan to dissolve 140 municipal councils and replace them with municipal boards at the service of the parliamentarians, but this plan was drafted abroad in the prefab constitution that came along with Haiti’s prefab president and its prefab parliament exactly one year ago. It is a plan especially designed to grab lands in northern Haiti.

When Will Haiti’s Next elections Take Place? | A quand les prochaines élections en Haïti?


By Staff (EJ), Radio Metropole | Translation and editorial comment by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery. The mandates of one third of the Haitian Senate and various municipal executives expired in mid-January 2012, and the mandate of another third of the Senate expired on May 8. Mayors and local officials have been dictatorially replaced by presidential decree, and no administrative provision has been made to assemble a new electoral body to organize new elections so as to replace the elected parliamentarians whose terms have expired. (English | French)

Mother’s U.S. Citizenship Disqualifies Islamist Presidential Hopeful in Egypt

By Staff, Egypt Independent. Egypt’s Presidential Elections Commission has confirmed receiving documentation that Nawal Abdel Aziz Nour, the late mother of presidential hopeful Hazem Salah Abu Ismail, obtained U.S. nationality in 2006. Ismail is a popular Islamic preacher who advocates for the establishment of an Islamist state that applies Sharia.

56 Cities in Vermont U.S. Vote to Challenge Corporate Personhood


By Aquene Freechild, Common Dreams. At least 56 cities and towns in the state of Vermont, U.S., voted nearly unanimously Tuesday March 6th for resolutions that call on the Vermont Legislature and congressional delegation to support a constitutional amendment that specifies money is not speech and corporations are not people.

Amended Haitian Constitution Confirmed as Prefabricated ‘Fake’


By Staff, Defend Haiti. A presidential commission recommends withholding publication of a version of the Haitian Constitution amended by the Parliament in May 2011 and subsequently corrected. When this document was submitted to former President Rene Preval for formal publication in the executive journal Le Moniteur, its contents were found to differ from the outcomes of the Haitian Parliament’s votes. UPDATE: May 28, International donors pressure Haiti to accept the fake constitution (promoted by Lamothe) or an emergency law, meaning suspension of the Constitution (promoted by Martelly).

Residents of China’s Wukan Village Elect Own Leaders


By Staff, Xinhua. In an election with 81% voter turnout, the villagers of Wukan elected former protest leaders Lin Zulian village chief and secretary to the Communist Party of China (CPC), and Yang Semao village deputy chief. Back in December, the residents of this fishing village lost one of their leaders in police custody while they were protesting illegal land grabs and abuse of power.