L’Idéal Dessalinien

Statue de Dessalines

Par Michel-Ange Cadet | Haiti Chery. Qu’en est-il aujourd’hui de cet idéal? Qu’en est-il de cette révolution et surtout où nous nous sommes perdus comme nation, comme peuple? Nous devons reprendre la révolution là ou elle a été interrompue. Si non, pensons une autre révolution avec les mêmes idéaux révolutionnaires de Dessalines: liberté, une société égalitaire, sans aucune discrimination, et l’intégrité du territoire où nous serons maitre de notre destinée.

Pensée impériale


Par Michel-Ange Cadet, Haiti Chery | Tableaux de Gerard Fortuné. “Leurs intérêts pour l’homme, les races humaines, et les nations se réduisent à ce que ces hommes peuvent leur rapporter. L’appétit pour l’or, la richesse, la gloire, et pour dominer et assujettir constituent l’essence même de l’idéal impérial.”

United Nations (UNHCR) Census Targeted Dominicans of Haitian Ancestry to Be Denationalized
Dady Chery


By Dady Chery, Haiti Chery | News Junkie Post. Dominican Constitutional Court Ruling TC168 of September 23, 2013 denationalizes over 200,000 Black Dominicans belonging to four generations whose ancestors entered the Dominican Republic between 1929 and 2007.

Haiti-Dominican Republic Conflict: IACHR Commission Says DR Court Ruling Is DiscriminatoryHaïti-RD: La sentence TC168.13 du Tribunal Constitutionnel a des effets discriminatoires, soutient la CIDH


By AlterPresse | Haiti Chery. Translated by Dady Chery for Haiti Chery. Dominican Constitutional Court Ruling TC168.13 is discriminatory and violates the rights of Dominicans of Haitian descent, according to Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR, CIDH). (English | French)

U.S. IKEA Furniture Workers Unionized With Help from Counterparts in Sweden


By Jenny Brown, Labor notes | William Rogers, Left Labor Reporter. Workers at IKEA, a Swedish furniture company that had outsourced its labor to the U.S. because of low wages, have managed to unionize with support from Swedish workers. The win showed the promise of linking unions across borders to pressure European owners.

Shopping in Petion-Ville While BlackQue dire d’être Noir dans la ‘république’ de Pétion-Ville ?


By Nicole Simon, Le Nouvelliste | Translation by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery. The worst thing was to find this French friend — blonde with blue eyes — two days later, who admitted that she has visited the same store on Louverture Street with all her gear, and no one has ever denied her access. “My dear, let’s call a spade a spade. We’ve got a color problem.” (English | French)

Alice Walker Interview on Why She Declined to Publish ‘The Color Purple’ in Israel


By Alice Walker, Facebook page | PACBI. Recently I wrote a letter to Yediot publishers in Israel declining an offer they’d made to publish my novel The Color Purple. Though the letter is self-explanatory there have been many erroneous and curious interpretations of it…. I have chosen to give one interview only. I accepted the invitation to be interviewed by an Israeli paper because I feel it is important to speak directly to the Israeli people; both Jewish and Arab.

Lolita in the Dominican Republic


By Staff, Diario Libre | Humberta, Diaspora Women | Editorial comment by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery. The Dominican Republic has the highest percentage of pregnant adolescents of all Latin American and Caribbean countries. According to the Statistical Yearbook of Public Health, there were 118,730 births in 2011, 60% of them to mothers under 18 years old. Moreover, 40% of these births were by Caesarian section. Instead of confronting these problems, Dominicans have focused on Haitian births.

Taking It to the Streets: Justice for Alan Blueford! Release Chris Moreland!


By Davey D, Davey D’s Hip Hop Corner Blog | twitter: @alyssa011968 | Editorial comment by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery. At a recent townhall meeting in Oakland about the shooting of 18-year old Alan Blueford, attendees turned their backs on what they perceived as being lies from the police chief. A bullhorn called “Justice!” and got the response “For Alan Blueford” Chris Moreland, the man who cried “Justice!” into the bullhorn, is himself now in jail on trumped up charges.

Trayvon Martin’s Mom: Call Your Governor On Mother’s Day

Trayvon Martin

By Sybrina Fulton, Justice for Trayvon and Global Grind, YouTube | Stephen C. Webster, Raw Story. For Mother’s Day, Sybrina Fulton asks the U.S. public to spare other mothers her grief by calling the governors of their states and urging them to reconsider laws like the one cited by the man who killed her son Trayvon Martin. Includes link to drop down scorecard with status of each state on “Stand Your Ground” law.

Record Numbers Deported, Thousands of Their Children Taken By Current U.S. Administration


By Staff, Huffington Post. More than 5,100 children were living in foster care in January 2012 because their parents were detained or deported, according to a study released by the Applied Research Center, which advocates for immigration reform.

U.S. Judge Finds Intentional and Systemic Racial Discrimination in Capital Cases | A Mother Would Have Lost Both Sons


By ACLU PRESS RELEASE | Jessica Jones, WUNC. In a landmark decision, North Carolina Superior Court Judge Gregory Weeks found intentional and systemic discrimination by state prosecutors against African-American potential jurors in capital cases and commuted the sentence of death-row prisoner Marcus Robinson to life in prison without the possibility of parole. This ruling and the data from a Michigan State study are consistent with the findings of every major study of jury selection in capital cases in the United States. Had Robinson been killed by the state, his mother would have lost both of her children; her eldest son Curtis was killed and his murderers not punished.

Parents, Protestors and 2 Million Petitioners Call for Justice for Trayvon

Trayvon Martin

Petition by Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, Change | Rebecca Davis, Daily Maverick | You Tube | Haiti Chery. In a petition signed by 2 million, Trayvon Martin’s parents call for justice and write: “At the age of nine, Trayvon pulled his father from a burning kitchen, saving his life. He loved sports and horseback riding. At only 17 he had a bright future ahead of him with dreams of attending college and becoming an aviation mechanic….” Trayvon was shot dead in Sanford, Florida on Feb 26th by a man called George Zimmerman who has still not been charged or arrested and said Trayvon looked “suspicious.” UPDATE (Huffington Post, Mar 28): Haitian-Americans lead Trayvon Martin march and rally for justice in Little Haiti. UPDATE (MSNBC, Apr 11): George Zimmerman is in custody and will be charged with 2nd degree murder.