A Poem by Dady Chery: The Dance
Dady Chery


The dance

A bond.
A billion pieces whirl
in the boiling soup.
Lucky combinations collide,
with time.
A molecule.
Life stirs,
floats ever higher,

Oxygen is death,
a flower’s petals.
Limbs step onto land
to dance.

The lizard lords collapse.
Those left standing,
the newborns,
reach to the skies.
Lemurs watch
a congruence of the cranes
spiral joyfully overhead.

A chimpanzee.

Who will escape our cooling sun
so life may throw its wildest dance?

There is no secret.
No mystery.
Life strives to live.
The dance is all.

Source: Haiti Chery | Image story

Copyright © 2012-2015 by Dady Chery. All Rights Reserved. Dady Chery is a journalist, playwright, essayist and poet, who writes in English, French and her native Creole. She is the Editor of Haiti Chery.

Dady Chery

About Dady Chery

Dr. Dady Chery is a Haitian-born journalist, playwright, essayist, and poet. She is the author of "We Have Dared to Be Free: Haiti's Struggle Against Occupation." Her broad interests encompass science, culture, and human rights. She writes extensively about Haiti and world issues such as climate change and social justice. Her many contributions to Haitian news include the first proposal that Haiti’s cholera had been imported by the UN, and the first story describing Haiti’s mineral wealth.

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