How Might We Honor Aaron Swartz? An Interview
Dady Chery


Interview of Carlos Gomez with Dady Chery, Haiti Chery | News Junkie Post. “SOPA/PIPA was meant to protect rights that corporations should not be allowed to have. Copyright laws were developed to protect the livelihood of authors — not the corporations that buy the right to an author’s work…. There is no sense to a copyright outliving its author, since no amount of incentive would entice that author to further efforts.” – C. Gomez

Aaron Swartz’ s Guerrilla Open Access Manifesto


By Aaron Swartz | Haiti Chery. “The world’s entire scientific and cultural heritage, published over centuries in books and journals, is increasingly being digitized and locked up by a handful of private corporations….”

With Havana Flights, Cuban Musicians Return to Bay Area


By C. K. Hickey, Oakland North | YouTube | Haiti Chery. The opening up of Oakland airport to Havana represents a unique cultural and political connection between Cuba and the US’ Bay Area. “Culture cures: culture leads to communication between countries, and communication leaves everybody better off than before.” – William T. Martinez

Happy Bastille Day! Ah, ça ira!


By Fred E. Foldvary, The Progress Report | Ah, ça ira!: Lyrics by Ladré, music by Bécourt, Chansons historiques de France, YouTube | Edith Piaf, YouTube. July 14 is celebrated as Bastille Day in France. The Bastille was a prison in Paris that the people stormed and seized in 1789, starting the French Revolution that toppled King Louis XVI and the aristocracy. (Lyrics and videos included)

ACTA Killed By 478 to 39 Vote in EU Parliament


By Staff, RT. Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement ACTA received a knockout blow from the European Parliament as MEPs voted overwhelmingly against it, with 478 votes against and only 39 in favor. There were 146 abstentions.

Final Vote on Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement ACTA on July 4th


By Georgi Gotev, EurActiv. A European Parliament Committee rejected the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) on June 21st despite pro-business lobbying by Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht, who insisted that Parliament should not decide before the European Court of Justice gives its opinion. A final vote in the full Parliament is expected on July 4th.

Now I Am Without Weight: Excerpt from Katherine Dunham’s ‘Island Possessed’


By Katherine Dunham, Doubleday 1969, University of Chicago Press Edition 1994 | YouTube | Introduction by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery. Katherine Mary Dunham was a dancer extraordinaire, choreographer, anthropologist, writer, and political activist. In 1936, Dunham, a brilliant and adventurous young woman torn between dance and anthropology, went solo to Haiti to study primitive dance and ritual. Includes videos of Dunham in the dance sequence of Stormy Weather and a 1962 interview.

Crucial ACTA Vote Kept Open and Honest, ACTA Soon to Depart


Press Release, La Quadrature du Net. The “International Trade” (INTA) committee of the EU Parliament will adopt its draft report on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), on Thursday June 21. Under pressure from the EU Commission and industry lobbyists, members of the committee could decide, potentially in a secret vote, to call for the adoption of ACTA or postponement of the final vote for years. Citizens participation is crucial to ensure the Parliament follows the general interest and votes a clear rejection of ACTA.

Blues for Bad Girls, Part 1: Don’t Start Me to Talking, Stop Watching Your Enemies
Dady Chery


By Dady Chery, Haiti Chery. So many superb blues for bad girls! This was a tough choice. In the end, I picked Etta James’s marvelous rendition of Sonny Boy Williamson’s “Don’t Start Me to Talking,” and one of Koko Taylor’s many excellent versions of her own song “Stop Watching Your Enemies” because they are an excellent commentary on the week’s news about France’s possible role in Rwanda’s genocide and UNASUR’s decision on a slow military withdrawal from Haiti.

George Gershwin’s ‘Cuban Overture’


By Josefina Ortega, Granma | YouTube | Haiti Chery. George Gershwin was infatuated with Cuban rhythms. During a 1932 visit to the island, he was taken to a Havana radio station where the Ignacio Piñeiro Septet was broadcasting a live performance. He immediately struck up a friendship with Piñeiro and took some musical notations of his works. The ideas for the Cuban Overture were thus born.

Barrick in the Dominican Republic


By Staff, Protestbarrick. As the opening date approaches for the Dominican Republic’s Pueblo Viejo mine, controversy around this mega-mine has continued to grow. According to the president of Maimón’s municipal committee, the funds Barrick has transferred to the municipality are less than the costs of the damage it has caused. Community members complain that the workers in the mine are overwhelmingly foreigners. Recently Barrick was accused of blocking the performance of the protest song “De Pascua Lama” (video included) at a Dominican Festival.

Hollywood Studios Lose Landmark Download Case


By Staff, AFP via Raw Story. Australia’s highest court unanimously threw out an appeal by a group of international and Australian companies, including Warner Bros, Disney and 20th Century Fox, alleging that iiNet had authorised the infringement of their copyright.

Reggae from Tiken Jah Fakoly: On a Tout Compris – It’s All Very Clear


By Tiken Jah Fakoly, You Tube (courtesy of KZoubeidi) | Wikipedia (biography) | Ados (lyrics) | Introduction by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery. Tiken Jah Fakoly is a musician who originates from the Ivory Coast and describes his mission as being “to wake up the consciences.” His lyrics speak for the voiceless. This fantastic song came to Haiti Chery’s attention via reader HenryG, in response to news of Haiti’s vaccine trial on poor women and children, along with the message “MINUSTAH (THE NGO TRASH CAN!!!)”. Indeed: we get it. It’s all very clear.