Colonialism in a Poncho: Subordination of Panama to Multinational Force |Otra vez el Comando Sur de EEUU Avanza la militarización subordinada de Panamá


Marco A. Gandásegui Jr, America Latina en Movimiento | Translation by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery. In an annual exercise called Panamax, from Monday, August 6 to Friday, August 17 Panama was virtually occupied by troops from the U.S., France, Canada, the Netherlands, and 14 Latin American “allies,” although the Panamanian Constitution says Panama has no army and its sovereignty is inalienable and nontransferable. (English|Spanish)

Haitian Hot Cocoa
Dady Chery


By Dady Chery, Haiti Chery. In Haiti, a freshly baked roll with a cup of hot cocoa is a typical dinner. We have the Aztecs and Mayans to thank for the elaborate process for manufacturing chocolate from the seeds of Theobroma cacao: “food of the gods.”

World’s Coral Reefs in State of Emergency | Arrecifes en situación de emergencia | Arrecifes em situação de emergência


By Stephen Leahy, IPS | Envolverde. Threats to coral reefs have gone from worrisome to dire. Bleaching, overfishing, pollution and disease have largely wiped out the fabulous coral communities of the Caribbean, which has lost 80 percent of its corals since the 1970s, say scientists at the 12th International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS). (English | Spanish | Portuguese)

Western Biologists Study Tuna Collapse as Their Countries’ Fleets Pillage World CoastsPesca de atún requiere sacrificios a corto plazo

blue marlin photo 12580 by Jon Schwartz

Julio Godoy interviews marine biologist Maria Jose Juan Jorda, IPS, Tierramérica | Enrique Gili, IPS. Berlin, Germany — The world’s tuna populations, and particularly bluefin tuna, are being overfished to extinction. The International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) admits that the system for monitoring catches is prone to fraud and misinformation. Vessels fly flags of convenience, change their names, swap crews and continue to operate despite numerous violations for overfishing. (English | Spanish (1st article only))

How Somalia’s Fishermen Became ‘Pirates’


By Ishaan Tharoor, Time Magazine | Chebucto | Editorial comment by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery. Since 1991, Somalia’s 3,330 km (2,000 miles) of coastline — the longest in continental Africa — has been pillaged by foreign vessels. An estimated $300 million worth of seafood is stolen from the Somalia’s coastline each year by the real pirates, which include France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Pakistan, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Spain, Taiwan, and the U.S. Belize and Honduras allow their flags to be used by ships that are evading European Union regulations on fishing for tuna and shark.

Cuba Strengthens Regional Ties | Cuba fortalece lazos con su región sin descuidar su frente norte

By Patricia Grogg, IPS | Anna Ramdass, Trinidad Express. President Raúl Castro recently traveled to Trinidad and Tobago to participate in the 4th Cuba-CARICOM summit. CARICOM chairman Dr Denzil Douglas has since called on the U.S. to put an immediate end to the trade embargo against Cuba. Cuba maintains diplomatic ties with CARICOM’s 14 members, including Haiti. (English | Spanish)

Deep Sea Fishing is ‘Unsustainable’; Efforts Should Concentrate on ‘Productive Local Waters’

By FIS/MP, MercoPress. A team of marine scientists is urging an end to most commercial fishing in the deep sea and instead recommending fishing in more productive and local waters. The only question is: whose productive local waters?

Targeting Cuba’s Health-Care System

By William Blum, Consortium News. The U.S. government’s half-century campaign to discredit and destroy Cuba’s experiment with socialism has had many ruthless aspects, but perhaps none more so than efforts to disparage and damage the Caribbean island’s widely admired health-care system, as described in this essay.

Venezuela’s Chavez Forgives Haiti’s Debt

By Staff, AFP via Focus Information Agency. President Hugo Chavez on Monday said that Petrocaribe, Venezuela’s regional energy alliance, will forgive quake-stricken Haiti’s debt.