Who Will Speak For Jeju Coral?


By Staff, Save Jeju Now | YouTube. A South Korean naval-base project for U.S. “missile defense” warships on Jeju Island is threatening to destroy one of Earth’s last great soft coral reefs, numerous endangered species, and centuries-old sustainable communities. The leadership of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) World Conservation Congress (WCC) taking place near Jeju has refused to criticize the naval base or grant the villagers access to an information display booth. In addition, WCC speaker Imok Cha, who supports the conservation of Jeju, was denied entry into Korea. (Videos)

U.N. Uses Private Military and Security Contractors

By Kim-Jenna Jurriaans, IPS | UPDATE from Haiti Chery. The United Nations is increasingly hiring Private Military and Security Companies (PMSCs) for its missions across the world, raising concerns over the use of firms known for participation in human rights abuses, as well as an overall lack of accountability structures governing these contractors within the U.N. system. UPDATE 1: DynCorp boasts of having trained 400 “Haitian police” and is awarded a $48.6 million contract to insert 100 contractors and 10 advisors into the “UN police force” in Haiti.

Suspected ‘Thieves’ Lynched In Port-au-Prince. Why? | Présumés ‘voleurs’ lynchés à Port-au-Prince. Pourquoi?

By Staff (spp), Radio Kiskeya | Translation and editorial by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery. In two incidents on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on Saturday July 7, angry citizens lynched three suspected robbers before burning their bodies with lit tires, AFP reports, quoting police and witnesses. (English | French | Creole)

Latin-American Soldiers, ‘Peacekeepers’ to Train in Urban Warfare at New US Base in Chile

By Joaquín Rivery Tur, Granma | Editorial note by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery. A new U.S. base was hurriedly built in Fort Aguayo, Chile in 60 days and recently inaugurated. The facility is meant to train United Nations ‘peacekeepers’ and Latin-American soldiers and police in urban warfare. Chilean civil society has denounced what it considers to be the real objective of the supposed military college: a center for training future repressors and torturers.

UN Documents and Belgian Peacekeeper Implicate French Authorities in Rwanda Genocide | Des documents de l’ONU et un casque bleu belge impliquent les autorités françaises dans le génocide à Rwanda


By Linda Melvern, Liberation | Translation by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery. A recently discovered United Nations list revealed that on the eve of the 1994 genocide the Rwandan army possessed French ground-to-air missiles that France was banned from exporting at that time. Belgian peacekeeper Yves Teyssier testified that the night before the April 6, 1994 attack he was blocked by Rwandan army from entering the Camp Kanombe area, and the next day he heard a UN colleague’s voice report on UN radio that two missiles were fired at president Habyarimana’s plane from the camp. (English|French)

Charlemagne Peralte: Haitian Hero, ‘Supreme Bandit’ of First US Occupation – Part III
Dady Chery


By Dady Chery, Haiti Chery. “These Southerners have found Haiti to be the veritable promised land of ‘jobs for deserving democrats’…. In Port-au-Prince many of them live in fine villas. Many of them who could not keep a hired girl in the United States have a half-dozen servants. All of the civilian heads of departments have automobiles furnished at the expense of the Haitian Government… It is interesting to see with what disdain, as they ride around, they look down upon the people who pay for the cars.” – James Weldom Johnson

Charlemagne Peralte: Haitian Hero, ‘Supreme Bandit’ of First US Occupation – Part II
Dady Chery


By Dady Chery, Haiti Chery. Charlemagne Peralte organized the Cacos after escaping his enslavement by the U.S. occupation. The revolutionary Cacos soon grew to thousands of guerillas, including many Dominicans won over by Peralte to the anti-imperialist cause, and a provisional Caco government was declared in northern Haiti.

Charlemagne Peralte: Haitian Hero, ‘Supreme Bandit’ of First US Occupation – Part I
Dady Chery


By Dady Chery, Haiti Chery. After more than a century sailing along as an independent black nation, Haiti collided with the Monroe Doctrine in the person of U.S. kingmaker Roger L. Farnham in 1915. He soon met his match in Haitian hero Charlemagne Peralte.

Japanese Activists Succeed in Expelling Half of U.S. Troops from Okinawa


David McNeill, Irish Times. Protests against the U.S. base in Okinawa by workers, students and environmentalists have brought Tokyo and Washington to agree to withdraw about half the US troops from the island of Okinawa, amid a major realignment of U.S. military forces in the Pacific.

Saramago’s ‘Lost and Found in Time’ 2nd Novel Claraboya Published‘Claraboya’, novela inédita de José Saramago, se publica en español


By Granma | Elespectador | NY Times | Thomas Christopher’s blog | You Tube| Haiti Chery. Jose Saramago wrote Claraboya in the 1950’s but received no word until 40 years later from the publisher to whom it was sent. The dictatorial regime of Antonio de Oliveira Salazar in Portugal is presumed to have censored the novel, and in the end Saramago decided that it should be published posthumously. It has just appeared in Portuguese and Spanish — the latter version being from Pinal del Rio, Saramago’s widow and translator. (English | Spanish)

Paramilitary Gangs Join UN Force in Preying on Haitian Population
Dady Chery

By Dady Chery, Haiti Chery. It is hardly worthwhile to entertain some notion that the U.N. force MINUSTAH and the new paramilitary gangs are somehow at odds with each other. Both are supported by the U.S. and France, and both prey on the Haitian population and National Police. MINUSTAH’s abuses are given as the reason why a “Haitian army” is needed to defend the national sovereignty, and the threat of abuse by paramilitaries serves to justify MINUSTAH’s continued stay. UPDATE: June 11, the supposed Haitian army is quietly inaugurated as the “Agency for National Security.”

Brazilians Push to Prosecute Military Junta’s Human Rights Crimes, Pushed Back by Judge | Crece movimiento jurídico para burlar ley de amnistía en Brasil | Cresce movimento jurídico para evitar a lei de anistia no Brasil


By Fabiana Frayssinet, IPS | Staff, Human Rights Watch | Colin M. Snider, Americas South and North. In the first serious move by Brazil to confront the cases of murder, disappearance and torture from its junta years, Transitional Justice (Justiça de Transición), a group of public prosecutors from several Brazilian states, plans to prosecute the forced disappearances during the 1964-1985 dictatorship based on the concept that these kidnappings are ongoing crimes. As their first case, Brazilian federal prosecutors announced they would try retired Col. Sebastião Curió Rodrigues de Moura for “aggravated kidnapping” for his alleged role in 5 enforced disappearances in Pará state in 1974. UPDATES: March 20th, Judge Joao Matos halts prosecution; prosecutors plan to appeal. (English | Spanish | Portuguese)

6,060 Years for Guatemalan Ex-Soldier Who Massacred Indigenous and Fled to California


By Staff (sc/jg/jsr/mgt/jf), Prensa Latina | By Rachel Rickard Straus, Daily Mail | Al Jazeera video, YouTube. Pedro Pimentel, a former instructor of an elite Guatemalan military force called kaibiles, extradited from the US last July, has been sentenced to 6,060 years in prison for his role in killing 201 indigenous people in the Dos Erres massacre of December 6 to 8, 1982. UPDATE March 19th: video.

The Illusion of Aid


By Muhammad Mustafa, al-Ahram | English translation by Magda Gilpin with editing by Peter McGuire for Watching America. In exchange for every dollar spent by the United Sates on development in Egypt, Egypt spends $37 on U.S. imports. Is it possible for Egypt to renounce U.S. aid? The short answer is “yes.” Is it possible to organize a substitute to this assistance from local and national sources? The answer again is “yes.”