Financial Enslavement of West Africans By France


By Antoine Roger Lokongo, Pambazuka News. Francophone Africans from 14 countries deposit 65 percent of their hard currencies yearly into the French Treasury, without French nationality or access to the public goods and services available to French taxpayers. Close to 1,500 billion CFA (Communauté Financière d’Afrique common currency) francs generated from the surplus of West African states’ foreign reserves are placed on the foreign stock markets and out of the reach of the Africans who own the money. In addition the French force money payments, like an Ivory Coast compensation for the recent war.

Don’t Force Statehood on Somalia

A fisherman carries a sword fish on his head from the Indian Ocean in the port city of Kismayu (Credit: Reuters).

By Richard Dowden, African Arguments | Haiti Chery. “The model for Somalia is Switzerland…. Somalia’s nomadic tradition makes it a self-sufficient, individualistic society bound by complicated codes of loyalty and rivalry…. Strong centralised states are the legacy of colonial rulers and unsurprisingly the inheritor governments have kept it that way.” – Richard Dowden.

Dady Chery’s Top 10 Reasons Why MINUSTAH Should Go
Dady Chery


By Dady Chery, Haiti Chery (English, French) | Spanish translation by Fernando Moyano | Portuguese translation by Murilo Otávio Rodrigues Paes Leme. MINUSTAH’s worst crime so far is the killing of over 8000 Haitians with cholera. It is a degraded, degrading, and unwanted occupation force that must go. (English | French | Spanish | Protuguese)

Egypt, Ethiopia Mull Nile Dams Dispute

Tweet UPI via Terra Daily Editorial Comment. Finally there is a move afoot to reconsider the water agreements between Nile countries. The previous agreements for sharing the Nile waters had been unfair and involved the U.K. bullying upstream countries for … Continue reading

Putting Trees on Farms Fundamental to Future Agricultural Development

By Staff Writers, SPX via Seed Daily. As natural vegetation and forests are cleared for agriculture and other types of development, the benefits that trees provide are best sustained by integrating them into agriculturally productive landscapes.