Warning: Haiti ‘Cholera Vaccination’ Campaign Will Involve AIDS Researchers



Warning: Haiti ‘cholera vaccination’ campaign will involve AIDS researchers

By Dady Chery
Haiti Chery

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It is a sad fact of an heritage of colonialism that, well after the independence wars are fought and won, the old economic systems persist.

Thus Haitians, in 2012, continue to sell their brothers’ and sisters’ children into questionable French adoptions and for use as guinea pigs in a cholera vaccine trial, among many abuses similar to slavery. Unsurprisingly, the Shanchol vaccine is produced by a large French company.  It is called Sanofi-Aventis and is the fourth biggest pharmaceutical company in the world.

The oral vaccination is done by making people swallow a liquid with a large number of dead cholera bacteria: about 175 billion bacteria in each of the two doses of the vaccines that people have to take. I shudder to think about their origin. Whether the bacteria are grown in a laboratory or originate from another source, Big Pharma has effectively found a way to turn choleric feces into dollars by pouring the cholera bacteria down the throats of Haitians.

Scientists from the World Health Organization (WHO) and from Harvard have been making misleading statements about the efficacy of Shanchol. In fact this vaccine protects at best 45% of the people the first year after their vaccination. These scientists have even gone so far as to give a higher percentage for the second year, which is altogether impossible. There is no information on how well or how poorly Shanchol protects children under five, although they are the ones at the greatest risk of death from cholera.

A number of Harvard scientists have been promoting Shanchol for use in Haiti, altough they and their institution have financial interests in oral cholera vaccines. Statements from some of the same scientists had been key to delaying, until after the Haitian elections, the confirmation that the UN Nepalese base in Mirebalais had been the source of Haiti’s cholera.  Now a vaccine that will enrich these scientists and their institutions is largely being paid for by PAHO, which is a branch of the UN. You may draw your own conclusions.

Contrary to what Minister Timothee says, Shanchol must be refrigerated, unless of course, the batch being sent to Haiti is completely ineffective, in which case, care about its storage hardly matters.

The vaccine stocks meant for Haiti (like all those sent to third-word people, but not those that have been used in Europe on rare occasions) contain 6-30 times the World Health Organization (WHO) allowable level of a mercury-based preservative called thiomersal. Thiomersal causes autism in children.

Perhaps most sinister of all are the latest news that the vaccine will be administered by a group of researchers called Gheskio, who study “Kaposi syndrome and opportunistic infections”, meaning AIDS. There is absolutely no connection that I can discern between a disease caused by bacteria in drinking water and a disease caused by a virus during sex. There have been too many instances of deliberate infections of humans in the third world for people not to sit up and take notice of this new information.

Source: Haiti Chery

Haitian child with cholera (Credit: BBC).

Authorities plan to begin testing immunization in February

By Staff ([jep kft gp apr)

Translated from the French by Dady Chery for Haiti Chery

Port-au-Prince, February 2, 2012 – According to the Director General of the Department of Public Health and Population (MSPP), Gabriel Timothee, Haitian health authorities expect to do the initial tests of a cholera vaccine during February,

“We will start during February if all the expected doses arrive by then, because everything is ready, in terms of studies and planning, “

said Timothee to AlterPresse on the margins of a Senate meeting on Tuesday, January 31, 2012.

Two areas are targeted. These are the Central Plateau (eastern Haiti) and  the “disadvantaged areas” of Port-au-Prince, says Timothy.

“The vaccine is called Shanchol. It is very easy to store and does not require refrigeration. We are supposed to receive it shortly. And it is thanks to this vaccine that we can provide more in terms of prevention, “

assured the Director General of the Department of Public Health and Population.

Studies of the vaccination will be conducted in collaboration with a center called Haitian Studies of Kaposi syndrome and opportunistic infections (Gheskio) and Zanmi Lasante (Partners in Health, PIH).

First observed in Haiti in October 2010, cholera has already caused as many as 7,000 deaths.

Authorities say they have noted a reduction in the number of new infections since the beginning of 2012. The mortality rate has reached 0.1%.

Source: AlterPresse

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Warning: Haiti ‘Cholera Vaccination’ Campaign Will Involve AIDS Researchers — 2 Comments

  1. Sooner or later, this stupidity will end. Really, those racist Western officials have no respect for Haitians and want nothing more than the death of Haitians. But Karma is a bitch and calamities will strike those criminal nations in a very unexpected way.

  2. These are greedy, sick, evil people, Thierry. Whether they call themselves doctors, scientists, UN officials, humanitarians, etc., we must keep their filthy hands off of our children.

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