Antarctica’s Accelerating Melt: Massive Sea Level Rise in Decades
Dady Chery


By Dady Chery, Haiti Chery | News Junkie Post. “With regard to climate change, again and again, exponential processes have been treated as if they would develop linearly, despite scientists knowing quite well that they would not…. The sea-level rise of 10 to 16 feet will come in decades, rather than 200 years. It will submerge essentially every port city in the world….”

Dying by Degrees from Climate Change
Dady Chery


By Dady Chery, Haiti Chery | News Junkie Post. The End Age for humanity is not a date known to man, but a point of no return from climate change. Are we there now, as the Hopi and Mayans have predicted? Is there time left to us and, if so, how long?

The Pulse of Climate Change
Dady Chery


By Dady Chery, Haiti Chery | News Junkie Post. The Haitian impression of being in the center of a world vortex could not be truer when it comes to climate change. As a result of carbon (mostly carbon dioxide and methane) emissions due burning of fossil fuels by industrialized countries, global sea levels have risen one inch over the last decade alone.

Typhoon Gener, Climate Change Wreak Havoc in Philippines


Editorial comment by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery | Staff, AFP via Yahoo!7 News | Elena L. Aben and Ellalyn B. De Vera, Manila Bulletin | Manuel Mogato, Rosemarie Francisco and Ed Lane, Reuters | By Staff, Sun Star | Rio Rose Ribaya, Reuters via Yahoo! | By Kim Arveen Patria, Yahoo! Large farming towns north of the capital Manila, as well as heavily populated coastal areas remain under waist-deep floods. Fierce winds and heavy rains from slow-moving Typhoon Gener (international codename Saola) have battered the country, killing at least 39 people and displacing about 200,000. UPDATE Aug 7: The typhoon left the Philippines on Friday Aug 3 but was immediately followed by tropical storm Haikui, which raised the number of casualties to more than 50 and of the displaced to more than 270,000 people. UPDATE Aug 16: New tropical storm Helen (international name Kai-Tak) kills 7 and causes yet more flooding and destruction.

Global Warming Is Accelerating

By Staff Writers, SPX via Terra Daily | University of Melbourne School of Earth Sciences | Editorial comment by Dady Chery, Haiti Chery. This study of global warming, published in Geophysical Research Letters, was featured in the journal Nature as one of “the most viewed papers in science.” Why are so many scientists reading this paper?

Canada’s Infamy Per Capita


By David Swanson/Douglas Ou-ee-ii-jay-ii Jack, War Is a Crime. The great majority of Canadians are unaware of their status as world leaders in activities such as mine development, energy development, deforestation, consumerism, and weapons sales.

Latin-American Environmental Innovations for Clean Water, Fuel and Gold


By Staff, with reporting by Milagros Salazar (Lima), Emilio Godoy (Mexico City) and Alice Marcondes (São Paulo), Tierramerica. Environmental innovation projects to obtain clean gold, fuel, and water demonstrate the capacity of Latin American researchers to develop solid virtuous circles.

Rapid Changes to Global Water Cycle Imply Severer Floods, Droughts, Famines
Dady Chery


By Dady Chery, Haiti Chery. An article by Paul Durak and colleagues in the Journal Science represents yet more confirmation that the effects of global warming are stronger than anticipated from scientific models. An intensification of water evaporation and precipitation over the Earth implies severe consequences for living things, including famines, floods, droughts, and general climate instability.

Industrial Fertilizer Responsible for Climate Changing Nitrous Oxide Levels


By Robert Sanders, UC Berkeley Press Release | CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research | Haiti Chery. Scientists from the U.S., Australia and New Zealand have discovered that a steep rise in atmospheric nitrous oxide (N2O) since the mid-1970’s is due to the increased use of industrial fertilizers. Nitrous oxide damages the UV-protective ozone layer in the stratosphere and contributes to climate change as a potent greenhouse gas that causes global warming.

City Dwellers Flock to Raising Chickens | How to Raise Urban Chickens


By Ben Block, Worldwatch Institute | Andrew Kalinchuk, Green Home Authority | You Tube | Haiti Chery. Grassroots campaigns, often inspired by the expanding movement to buy locally produced food, are leading United States municipalities to allow limited numbers of hens within city limits. You get fresh eggs pretty much on demand and know the chicks are raised in a supportive and loving environment.

Fracking-Earthquake Link Known For Decade By Scientists, Military and Frackers


By Andrew Nikiforuk, The Tyee. Hydraulic fracturing was identified by the U.S. as an earthquake trigger as early as 1990, and scientists have long known that injection of fluid where the Earth’s crust lies closest to faults and fractures can cause earthquakes.

Jane Goodall: Primatologist, Activist


Interview of Jane Goodall with Bret Love, Green Global Travel | Trailer for “Jane’s Journey,” YouTube. Jane Goodall retired from her studies as a primatologist 20 years ago and has since worked as a full-time activist focused on preserving Earth’s ecological balance. Her Institute’s TACARE (Take Care) microlending program promotes projects that are environmentally sustainable, such as reforestation, protection of watersheds, and improved methods of farming. The Roots and Shoots program, currently in 126 countries, motivates children to design and execute projects that help community, animals, and the environment.

Bulgaria Bans Fracking


By Mirel Bran, Guardian Weekly | Sofia News Agency via Novinite. A small groups of concerned citizens have successfully pressured the Bulgarian Parliament into withdrawing a permit issued to Chevron and deciding, in January, to ban exploration of shale-gas reserves by the controversial hydraulic-fracturing (fracking) technique. Bulgaria, with shale-gas reserves of over 300 billion cubic meters, thus became the second European state to put a ban on fracking.

Shale-Shocked: Fracking Gets Its Own Occupy Movement


By Ellen Cantarow, Tom Dispatch. “This is what my kids are made of. They are made of water. They are made of the food that is grown in the county that I live in. And they are made of air. We inhale a pint of atmosphere with every breath we take… And when you poison these things, you poison us. That is a violation of our human rights, and that is why this is the civil rights issue of our day.” – Sandra Steingraber